Available for Adoption

Meet Theon!

ID Number: 031-19M

Animal: Ferret

Breed: Ferret

Age: 1 year 9 months

It’s about time we found the perfect home for Theon, our big cheeky lad!

He is a young male who is full of beans and is always ready for play time. He loves nothing more than running around in the tunnels, causing chaos. He also enjoys being nosey when on his walks.

Theon has sadly missed out on a lot of socialising prior to coming into the centre. He will give you a nip when he’s not up for attention or feels uncomfortable and is also not keen on other ferrets.

We are searching for a home where there are no other ferrets, plenty of space and activities to keep him busy and someone who has plenty of experience and time to socialise with him.

If you think you might be the perfect match for Theon, please visit the centre and say Hello