Available for Adoption

Meet Winston!

ID Number: 086-18D

Animal: Dog

Breed: Spaniel/German Shepherd Dog

Age: 8 years 6 months

Winston is an 8 year old Crossbreed and came in to us due to a change of owners circumstances. He has found this change unsettling but has gradually got used to his new routine and environment as well as the staff and volunteers who look after him.

Winston is an incredibly intelligent dog and responds extremely well to training - he loves his toys and loves to play hide and seek games. He is not your average family pet and we are looking for an owner experienced with owning dogs who show insecure and unsure behaviour and who will continue working with him in the way that we do. Once he has a home with someone who will offer him structure, routine and at first wont ask too much of him in terms of love and affection, he will in his own time become a wonderfully loyal and loving companion.

Winston would appeal to someone who is looking for a challenge - an adult only household - that person/couple who will allow Winston the space and time to love you in his own time and who will offer him the training that he craves - he LOVES to work his nose! In return to will reap the rewards of having truly rescued a dog.

He could possibly live with other dogs but would prefer a cat free household.