Available for Adoption

Meet Bobby!

ID Number: 087-19D

Animal: Dog

Breed: Norfolk Terrier

Age: 10 years 0 months

Bobby is a Norfolk Terrier and along with Figgle, is one of our oldest residents at 11 years!

I cant tell you what a fantastic boy he is - he has had a bad time of late and has many health issues which we are trying to get on top of with him.

He is quite wary of being touched - probably stemming from a very bad ear infection and other aches and pains but as long as you are very slow with him, he will let you handle him and he enjoys some attention and affection.

As he has lived with Figgle for so long, we are looking to keep them together. They are well bonded.

We are currently looking for a foster home for the pair. It would need to be a quiet home, mature, possibly retired, or someone home all day to keep them company and give them short walks and garden exercise.

They could live with existing dogs and cats but will need an adult only home.

As a foster dog, all medical costs are covered by Llys Nini as well as food and general treatments such as worming and defleaing. We would require a fosterer to be able to take him for veterinary check ups at our local vet and to Llys Nini for regular health checks too. Ideally we are looking for a foster in the local area.

If you think you can offer them a suitable foster home then please copy and paste the following link - https://eur02.sheltermanager.com/service?account=gw1124&method=online_form_html&formid=34