Covid 19 updates

The Centre remains closed to general visitors but adopters will now be able to attend site, by appointment only, to meet or collect their reserved cat, dog or small animal. Please see our Procedures and Fees page for more information about adopting an animal

Llys Nini is affiliated to the national RSPCA, but receives no automatic funding from it. As well as rehoming animals, Llys Nini Animal Centre works to help the environment too.


Can you spare £1 a week to help to rescue an abused, abandoned, neglected or unwanted animal?


It would be impossible for Llys Nini to be able to operate as effectively as it does without the dedication of our volunteers.


There are so many ways that you can help us to save more animals in need, you just need a little imagination.


Keep up to date with our latest events and goings on at Llys Nini and in the area

Charity Shops

Recycling unwanted goods such as textiles and animal bedding helps the environment and also is a way that Llys Nini can raise funds.


We always need donations of goods to our shops and money to Llys Nini Animal Centre and welcome financial donations, donations of time and goods.

Animals rescued &
rehomed since 1995