Charity Shops

Llys Nini charity shops can turn your unwanted clothes and other items into cash to help animals in need.

How to donate

Drop items off at a Llys Nini charity shop in your area.

Please contact your 01792 892293 if you:

  • Have a large number of items you would like to donate and are unable to deliver to the animal centre or one of our shops
  • Are a company that would like to donate end-of-line, samples or surplus stock
  • Have any particularly large items to donate that you are unable to bring yourself

Click here to find your local shop

We are temporarily unable to accept donations from our generous Donors at the Animal Centre as we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and need time to sort through what has already been donated. 

We ask our Donors to please set donations aside and bring them in when we can safely reopen again

When we reopen, donations will be needed more than ever to continue to support the welfare work we do.

Donation we can accept

We are always looking for:

  • Children’s clothing, toys and games
  • Men’s and women’s clothing and shoes
  • Books and multimedia like DVDs and CDs
  • Accessories, jewellery, belts, handbags
  • Bric a brac, crockery, glassware, bakeware, household linen and ornaments
  • Any old clothes or textiles that are no longer useable can still raise money by being recycled

Donations we can’t accept

We cannot sell anything that it would be unsafe for you to buy – anything that is not in saleable condition, broken, dangerous, unhygienic, where its safety cannot be proven or it would be illegal for us to sell. Please do not bring these items to us as we will have to incur costs for their disposal. In particular, we can’t accept electrical items, duvets or pillows Please contact 01792 892293 if you have any queries.

Gift Aid

Donating stock to one of our shops? Ask the team if you can Gift Aid it. Just fill out one simple declaration form and Gift Aid makes every £1 worth £1.25.