Giving up an Animal

It is always best to try to rehome your pet yourself to family or friends who you know will give it a good home.

If you live within the Branch Area and you want to give your pet to RSPCA Llys Nini please contact the animal centre reception on 01792 229435 or email with as many details as possible about the animal and why you feel you can no longer look after it. Please be aware that our centre is generally full to capacity and you might be put on a waiting list. We also charge a small acceptance fee to cover some of the costs of the animals care during their time with us. Please remember we do have to prioritise those from RSPCA inspectors that are being cruelly treated and neglected.

Making provision for your pets on your death

Although it is not a subject we like to dwell on, the responsible pet owner will make arrangements for their pets should they die. Llys Nini can give your pet a life long home. 

Download our leaflet

Please note that this is a Llys Nini Scheme and is separate from the National RSPCA scheme. Llys Nini cannot guarantee to take the pets from those people belonging to other schemes e.g. the National RSPCA’s Home for Life scheme.