Llys Nini and other animal welfare charities are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the numbers of unwanted animals. It is therefore vital that responsible pet owners have their animals neutered to prevent unwanted kittens, puppies etc.

Cat Neutering

If you are in receipt of state benefit or on low income then you we can supply you with a cat neutering voucher which can be used at any vets and will contibute £30 towards the cost of having your female cat neutered.

If you live in the SA1 – SA10 area then you may qualify to get your cat neutered for only £5 through the Swansea Cat Group or Cats Protection may be able to help.

Dog Neutering

Dogs Trust can sometimes help with the cost of neutering your dog

Help with Neutering

  •  £30 voucher scheme
  •  Cat neutering campaign
  •  For help with dog neutering please visit Dogs Trust